• Stretching
  • How chiropractic works
  • Workplace injuries
  • Benefits of acupuncture​ 
  • Sports Injuries
  • Fighting migraines
  • Dealing with fatigue
  • Benefits of massage
  • Chronic Headaches

Other Treatment Topics

Chiropractors:                                                                Naturopathic Doctor:

Dr. Shaun Demeris                                                       Dr. Ruth Shuster

Dr. Scott MacKenzie

Dr. Tim Dickie

Registered Massage Therapists:                         Counsellors:

Denise Johnson                                                            Judy Critchon 

 Anne-Marie Day                                                          Elizabeth Gauld

Reception: Glenda and Blair

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About Us

  1. Nagging neck pain
  2. Low Back Pain
  3. Postural Correction
  4. Shoulder Pain
  5. Healthy Back Exercises

Please don't take chances with your health. If an injury lingers for more than 2-3 days give us a call.  We will take the time to explain what the injury is and why it has occurred, outline a treatment plan to get you better as quick as possible and we will give you simple stretches and exercises to do to keep the pain from coming back. . The faster you act on an injury the easier the road to recovery will be.


At Carriage Square Chiropractic Health Centre we take pride in putting the 'care' back into healthcare. At our clinic you will find practitioners  that take their time to understand your healthcare concerns and put in the extra effort to make you feel better.

For instance, a typical initial chiropractic assessment involves a history, physical exam and when appropriate, treatment which usually takes about an hour, all one on one with the chiropractor. Subsequent visits are approximately 20-30 minutes of one on one hands on treatment with your chiropractor. 

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